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Elvis is an Education Evangelist; an inquirer, learner and Educator passionate about changing the education narrative in Africa because he believes education is a goldmine that never runs out of gold. Learning is his lifestyle, credo and religion. He research on Early Childhood Education, Educational Technology and Teachers Education and blogs at
He has advised, developed and implemented education-focus corporate social responsibility initiatives/products for many multinationals at all levels of education –Primary schools, secondary schools and higher institutions and has been rewarded in scholarships, grants, on-air time, speaking platform, panel moderating, coaching, consultancy, advisor – locally and abroad. Elvis has a degree from the University of Lagos and certifications on digital strategy, film-making and ample training locally and abroad.
At Cornelli and Mosh Consults, Elvis is the head of Research and Operations, and also oversee the company’s Recruiting arm, Mosh Recruiting Solutions (MRS).