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About Us

Cornelli and Mosh Consults Ltd is birthed out of a passion for excellence and professionalism in project managing, start-up/existing businesses, exceptional branding, training, design ...

Our Strengths

Cornelli and Mosh Consults Ltd is an active player in the design development of brand manual identity, recruitment, and placement ...

What We Do As Consultants

As a competent organisation, our clients score us high for being a creative agency that is upset about poor branding, slack strategy and hapless execution. We blend intelligence and creativity with a sincere collaborative approach, consistently delivering powerful results for our clients, ensuring their branding is well represented for optimum result and patronage. We have worked across many industries and sectors without duplicating solutions because we understand every client is unique in their set goal and our job is to help them achieve their goal.

Branding and Consultation

Since we understand that products have life cycles and brands outlive products, we convey a uniform quality with valuable experience and credibility. We give your company and business the DNA, skeleton, roadmap and blueprints to make profit. We deploy all branding solutions; from a suitable logo, brand manual that project clear perception to clients and other businesses and put our clients in good stead to maximise profit.

-Business development

We develop proposals and conduct market research. We create a thorough, accurate and professional business plan and also keep it up to-date, because it is an investment that pays dividends in the long term for any business model. We study the existing market, analyse competitive influences, opportunities and threats as well as highlight useful information. We deliver a professional analytical review of business or specific project results

Corporate Strategy

Our understanding of market trends and drives along with deep industry expertise and analytical firepower enables us to develop actionable strategies that create measurable long-term values for our clients. We tap our vast knowledge to uncover hidden opportunities and provide the evidence-based analysis needed to make informed decisions.


Our in-house consultants and subject-matter experts believe in the strength of personnel as the priceless asset to any business. We understudy personnel’s gap and offer capacity development and professional training, leading to collaboration and teamwork for effective output and result.


Our research department consisting of experts who help organisations to think outside the box, to stretch the mind and drive a competitive advantage. We have held on competitively through thorough and fact-finding research.

-Recruiting Solutions

Mosh Recruiting Solutions [MRS] is the recruitment arm of Cornelli and Mosh Consults. The sub-firm desires to take pride in unparalleled service delivery to clients and subscribers whose success depends much on workforce and recruiting solutions. We recruit, train and place applicants for openings in any industry for capacity building through a first-class service in hiring and job placement.

Cornelli Brand Applies

  • Brand Design Conceptualisation
  • Brand Signage Development
  • Digital Branding
  • Installations
  • Printing of Designs and Applications

Our Services

Business Advisory, Consultancy, and Corporate Strategy and Communication

Here in Cornelli and Mosh, our central focus is selling you to your clients; deploying industry-specific research and market analyses, we deliver a real-time

Brand Development and Communication

Understanding your brand target market, and in a bid to maximize your brand’s long-term potential, we set about distinguishing your brand personality from all others, at a glance! This necessarily involves control of your social media

Product Development and Marketing

From the seedlings of your business idea, we extract the values that become the pillars of your business, ensuring that your products satisfy the exact needs of your customer base. How? Through demographic studies, market and

Web and Mobile App Development

Streamlining your consumer experience flows from social media control to an online presence and background control, ensuring a fluid transition from a web interface to a mobile app; we bring crispness and clarity from your business to

We provide recruitment services to business owners and assist job seekers for job placement

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